Thursday, December 21, 2006

Romantic Gifts… Some Questions to Consider

Buying romantic gifts for loved ones typically is a given, especially at this time of year – ‘tis the Season… And if you’re looking for romantic gift ideas, the Internet is a hotbed of information. For example, "" (romanticgifts) contains numerous good ideas, "" has a robust list of Romantic gift ideas (findgift), and “The Romantic” has a listing and discussion of Top Romantic Gift Ideas (theromantic). (And these only scratch the surface.) But before you get on the Web or head to the mall with your credit card with a specific gift in mind, here are a few questions to consider:

To what extent am I giving this gift to him or her for my benefit? Will I enjoy it (Ah, two tickets on the fifty yard line!)? Will it contribute to my “You owe me” bank account? Will I feel good about me because I know he or she will truly love receiving it? And,

To what extent am I giving this gift to him or her for his or her benefit? Will he or she feel admired, adored, special, important, and truly loved?

“May I see some photo ID please…” Bill


Anonymous said...

Those choices pretty much cover it.
I would buy her oven mitts so she could bake me something while I went to the game..

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Sterling idea! And, if I might add (maybe brilliant minds do think alike), on your way back from the game pick up a six pack to reward her for her baking. What a guy!

Unknown said...

Oh, what an interesting discussion. My mother is in the "buy what you like, regardless of what the receiver wants" crowd. Therefore, it is my duty to be in the opposite crowd - spend a lot of time deciding what the person would actually want and enjoy. At least, I guess I'd like to think that, but then, who doesn't want to think that of the gifts they give, well, unless they are mentally unstable and relish in giving bad gifts. Oh wait, that could explain a lot...
Ps. Glad to see you up and blogging!