Thursday, April 12, 2007

Powerful Parental Pearls of Wisdom

As you probably have seen, in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays I am offering my latest pop-psych book, Mom and Dad’s Pearls of Wisdom… You Gotta Love ’Em, at a special, website discount price. (The Promo Code and special price is good through May 15th.)

The other day I was reading a Sports articles regarding the upcoming Kentucky Derby and had a flashback to something my Dad had once said to me. Some of the pearls of wisdom I got from my parents were spot-on serious, some witty and some clever – occasionally they were all three. One of my favorite pearls of wisdom from my Dad falls into this latter category – in my book, Mom and Dad’s Pearls of Wisdom... You Gotta Love 'Em, it is under the caption, “Relativity.” I herewith am delighted to share it with you:


One day in my dad’s well drilling shop I was trying to explain my faith in the wide applicability of relativity, freshly developed thanks to a class I’d just finished in college. “If you expand your perspective, Einstein’s theory of relativity does not only apply to math and physics!” I lectured loudly toward the loitering well drillers.

That rainy afternoon, all of the workers had had to shut down their rigs and come in for the day because of the weather. Being cooped up in the shop was a good chance to tease me for being a brainy college kid who thought he had all the answers—an opportunity they rarely missed. Although the workers genuinely respected my college successes, having some fun with me about it was too amusing to pass up. My reactions are what did it. My protracted seriousness over issues that were trivial, combined with my fragile ego of a college freshman, would almost always lead me to high-level frustration. Watching me go from zero to sixty in very little time was the point of the game.

“You guys don’t have any understanding of or appreciation for the concept of relativity! That’s all there is to it!” I exclaimed, agitated.

For some reason, that day I was unusually sensitive to my coworkers’ gibing, so they all backed off. Seizing his chance, and exploiting his irrevocable status as my father, my dad gave me a wink and said, “So, if I get this relativity thing right, son,

A horseshoe is only a symbol of good luck

if it’s on the right horse.

If you have a serious, witty and/or clever peal of wisdom you remember getting from your Mom or Dad, please share it.




DH said...

My mom told me "when people try to tease or hurt you, it's usually because they feel badly about themselves". It made me feel better, and taught me compassion for others at the same time.
mmmm...another thing she would say "oh dear, bread and beer, if I were dead, I wouldn't be here...".
I never have quite picked up on the wisdom of that one :) DH

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Hello DH,
Thank you for sharing your Mom's insightful pearl of wisdom... and yes, it was a doubleheader -- you felt better and learned a valuable lesson (somewhat akin to, "Stick and stones may break your bones, but names will never harm you").
Her other pearl is cute, but I likewise don't see any specific meaning either.
Thanks again!

Mostly Happy Thoughts said...

My dad's words of wisdom regarding work are "always show up on time (or preferably early) and when people ask you how you are always answer GOOD (or some other positive answer)". I don't think he was ever late for work once. And he strongly believes that no matter what is going on in your life that you shouldn't bring it to work, just show up cheerful and get your work done.

Cole Reising said...

I admire your ability to look back on those days with humor... I still find I want to cringe at my enthusiastic 'know-it-all-have-to-enlighten-the-world' attitude. :-) And I love your father's words!

Have a great weekend!


Mostly Happy Thoughts said...

My mother's pearls of wisdom included these things: don't ever say you HATE someone, don't say "shut up" , and don't judge others, ever. She is the most compassionate, non judgemental person I have EVER met!


Dr. Bill Emener said...

MHT and Cole – sorry for the delay in posting your Comments and offering my reply comments. My son drove in from Macon, Georgia Thursday night up to when he left this morning we spent two days off shore fishing and playing in a softball tournament Friday night. Thank you, Cole – I had a great weekend. (Now I need a long nap though!)

MHT – thanks for sharing your dad’s pearls of wisdom regarding timeliness and being “positive” about life when at work and your mom’s wisdom regarding being compassionate and non-judgmental. Importantly, it sounds like they lived that way too and that, I assume, was a positive influence on you. Thanks again, Bill

Cole – thanks for your kind and gracious words regarding my Dad. And, by the way, why are you cringing? What’s wrong with thinking you know some things that are “good” and “worth knowing?” My bet would be that you have a lot of wisdom stored away (and it probably surfaces in your books). Thanks, Cole, Bill