Monday, April 02, 2007

In Honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – 25% Special Blog-Site Special for My New Book: “Mom and Dad’s Pearls of Wisdom”

As most of you know, my 2007 pop-psych book, Mom and Dad’s Pearls of Wisdom… You Gotta Love ’Em, includes 50 vignette stories about memorable moments I had with my mom and dad (and some others’ with their moms and dads). Each vignette concludes with a “pearl of wisdom” they passed down to me (or their son or daughter). In addition to other features of the book, which are detailed in its own Webpage, at the end of the book is a separate page with the following:

Add a Gift to Your Gift

You will notice that the following few pages are blank; they are there for a reason. Should you give this book to a special someone as a gift (e.g., a high school or college graduate, a Mom on Mother’s Day or a Dad on Father’s Day, someone going off to college, or someone who just had a baby, etc.), you could personalize it for that special someone.

On the next page is an opportunity for you to personalize the book for the person to whom you are giving it:

Dear ______________, I am adding a few “Pearls of Wisdom” of my own, specifically for you.

The subsequent pages have space for you to add your own pearls for your special someone.

As indicated on the Order Page of my Website, this book retails for $19.95 and sells from my Website for $16.50. However, in honor of parents and their two upcoming special holidays (and with the permission of my publisher), between now and May 15, 2007 I am offering this book via my Website as a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Special: $14.96 (a 25% discount). Thus if you purchase any copies of this book between now and May 15th, go to the Order Page and enter Promo Code: MD-07-1.

With warmest Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day thoughts to all moms and dads,


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