Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dr. Emener’s Two New Books Available at Discount Prices via his Website

Dr. Bill’s Website is: http://www.emenerbooks.com/

His two latest books are now available at discounted prices via his Website.

Both books can be purchased at the Order Page on his Website: http://www.emenerbooks.com/Order.php

His newest pop-psych book, Mom and Dad’s Pearls of Wisdom… You Gotta Love ’Em, (see its Synopsis below) can be purchased at: https://www.millcitypublishing.com/order/default.aspx?SiteID=4&ProductID=7

And for his newest contemporary romance novel, Fear of Feeling Loved, (see its Synopsis below) can be purchased at: https://www.millcitypublishing.com/order/default.aspx?SiteID=4&ProductID=6

Happy reading!

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Synopsis of Mom and Dad’s Pearls of Wisdom… You Gotta Love ’Em

Remember those memorable pearls of wisdom your mom and dad gave you while you were a child growing up? “Take all you want, but eat all you take.” In the book, Dr. Emener says, “And even into adulthood, like when I was telling my mother about how my adult daughter had changed after her son (my first grandson) was born, she said, ‘Children become better children when they have children of their own.’”

The book includes a Prologue, My Farewells (the last time he spoke with his now deceased Mom and Dad) and an Epilogue. There are 50 vignette moments – each concluded with its respective pearl of wisdom. Of the 50 vignette/pearls of wisdom, 38 are his and 12 are others’. In the process of writing the book, he remembered the pearls he got from his parents and the precious moments when they said them to him. Moreover, he also spoke to others (while walking the beach, at biker bars and dockside restaurants) and captured their pearls and memorable moments. As you enjoy Dr. Emener’s stroll down his memory lane, you’ll embark on yours as well.

In a nutshell, the book is a relatively short, coffee table book that people will not only want for themselves, but also will buy for their family members as gifts (e.g., a great stocking-suffer, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift).

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Synopsis of Fear of Feeling Loved

Marcia Anderson is starting a new chapter in her life. She has recently broken up with a long-term boyfriend, just completed her PhD, and is setting out for a teaching position in Tampa. The last thing she wants is a new relationship. But on the way to Tampa, she has a chance meeting with Jack Johnson, a handsome, buff, somewhat older man, who is to figure highly, perhaps too highly, in both her personal and professional life – a problematic admixture that poses anguish for her.

Over the next few weeks, as she puts together courses, gets to know her fellow teachers, and tries to settle in to her new environs, Marcia must wrestle with conflicting emotions and come to grips with lingering issues from previous relationships and her family. Fortunately she has a warm circle of new friends and old family members who provide not only insight and advice but also humor and fun as she struggles with many painful issues such as jealousy, anger, guilt and trust. Along the long journey through her first semester of teaching, a journey that takes her from rough biker bars to posh Key West restaurants, Marcia must confront her most basic fear – her fear of feeling loved.

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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

They sound great, Bill! :)

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks, Kelly, I appreciate your gracious comment. I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.