Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good Love Relationships Have Individual Favorites and at Least One “Our Song”

In response to my October 31, 2006 Post, “Love Songs and Romance Novels,” I received a Comment from Maconole. As you easily can check out (and see the titles of his favorite songs), in his Comment he says, “My wife and I have many songs. One in particular is… - our first date. As for the frat days… remind me of the good ol' days. Funny how songs remind you of certain things. You should listen to Kenny Chesney's song, 'I Go Back.' It's a song about songs that remind you of certain places and times.” While I typically reply to Comments with Comments of my own, the energizing and inspirational nature of Maconole’s Comment compelled me to reply to him via this Post. (Kenny Chesney's song can be found at:

As I have addressed in some of my pop-psych and self-help books, in good, meaningful, long-lasting love relationships (including good marriages), both individuals have accurate empathic understanding of each other – they know each other’s favorite songs – and they have one and sometimes more than one “Our Song.” Good love relationships also have personally meaningful rituals and an enriching history – their individual favorite songs and their Our Song(s) are integral parts of their rituals and history and can be like a comforting glue during challenging and difficult times.

Thanks for sharing, Maconole, Bill

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