Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I had planned to write a Post, talking about the meaning of Christmas and the importance of "giving." In stead, I acted on my own thoughts -- I spent the time it would have taken me to write the Post (actually about three times the amount) at a shelter peeling potatoes and carrots for the Christmas dinners the shelter will be serving tonight and tomorrow for the homeless people in our area. In the process, I got an always good to have present: a reminder of the importance of humility.

To my non-Christian friends -- Happy Holidays!

To my Santa believer friends -- Merry Christmas!



Mostly Happy Thoughts said...

Merry Christmas (bit late!!) and Happy New Year!

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Thanks MHT,
Good to hear from you.
I hope Santa treated you well and you have a wonderful 2008!
P.S. I tried to get into your blog but was told that I did not have permission -- did you change anything?

Mostly Happy Thoughts said...

oh no. I did make it private, but I had added you to the list. I will send another email and see if that works.