Thursday, October 19, 2006


Welcome to my blog. And now that you’re here, possibly for the first time, you may be wondering, “Who is this guy, Bill Emener?” Ah, grasshopper… the angst of what I should write about in my first blog is diminished – “I’ll tell you who I am,” I thought, “a sterling idea!”

This evening, following a good workout at the gym and a hot shower, I jumped on my motorcycle I went to my favorite restaurant here on St. Pete Beach. “While eating dinner on an outside patio,” I said to myself, “I’ll draft my blog.” A salad, an order of spaghetti and a hundred cups of coffee later, the only thing on my pad was what I started with: Who am I? Thus, I decided to start with what I know.

Firstly, I know that to a large extent my “Who” is a unique combination of my “Whats”. And as I have directly and indirectly written about in my books, especially my pop psych/self-help books and novels, my list of “Whats” also includes my “use-to-bes” (e.g., college basketball player, high school English teacher, scratch golfer, licensed psychologist), my “now-ams” (e.g., professor, softball player, writer, father, Pop Pop) and “wanna-bes” (e.g., the next winner of the Florida Lottery).

Another thing I know is that every time I have an epiphany and get close to really knowing who I am, I change and feel like I have to start all over again. Jeez! Well, maybe the process of trying to know who we are is more important than actually knowing.

Sorry I haven’t fully answered your question, “Who is this guy, Bill Emener.” Yet I have to believe that you know more about who I am than when you started reading this blog. I hope so. And if you have any suggestions, please… share.

Thanks, Bill

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